2016-2018 Shelby 1000

During the SEMA 2017 showcase, Shelby caught many by surprise when they unveiled the Shelby 1000, a very aggressive and super powerful iteration of the 6th generation Ford Mustang GT. The package which includes a supercharged engine good for over 1000 hp will be offered on 2016, 2017 and 2018 Mustang GT.

Shelby 1000

Shelby 1000 Exterior

The Shelby 1000 is one aggressive-looking car that backs up the fire-spitting engine under its hood. Although the Mustang GT it is based on is aggressive in its own rights, the Shelby 1000 takes this aggressive game a notch higher. The car has a wide stance thanks to wider fenders. The bumper is redesigned while the grille has gained a honeycomb mesh as well as a trapezoid-shaped element with “Shelby” lettering at the bottom. Shelby has also added large cooling ducts on the sides, a bigger splitter as well as an aggressive lower grille. The hood is completely new and sports huge vents and a gigantic center bulge. On the flanks, side sill extensions are finished in black, the front fender features a new vent while the lower door area wears the “Shelby 1000” lettering.

For extra stability and grip, Shelby has ditched the standard Mustang GT wheels in favor of forged aluminum wheels with a diameter of 20 inches and widths of 11 inches and 12.5 inches at the front and rear respectively. The fenders were actually widened to accommodate these wheels. Covering the wheels is Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires 305/30zr20 at the front and 354/30zr20 at the rear.

The rear has a new spoiler mounted onto the trunk lid while an aggressive diffuser is mounted below the bumper; the diffuser integrates gaping exhaust tips. A “Shelby” lettering between the taillights completes the rear look.

Shelby 1000


Although Shelby did not give enthusiasts an interior walkthrough of the model, the tuning house released a list of interior upgrades it has hooked up the GT with.  To start with, you will immediately notice illuminated Shelby-branded sill plates, 4-point roll bar as well as harnesses for improved safety. There are no rear seats as it is meant only for the tracks.  Other features include CSM badge on the dash, custom floor mats and Shelby by Autometer gauges on the gauge cluster.

The package also offers Katzkin leather upholstery; buyers can retain most of the other cool features that come with the new Ford GT including a digital instrument panel spanning 12.0 inches and Ford SYNC Connect that integrates FordPass that allows drivers to locate, lock, unlock or start the car via their smartphones.

Powertrain and performance

Majority of the Shelby 1000 upgrades are under the hood; in fact, Shelby has chucked out the regular 5.2 L, engine on regular Mustang GTs in favor of a 5.2 L, Alluminator mill. This engine is borrowed from the GT350 but unlike the 350, in the 1000 the mill gets a 4.5 L, Whipple supercharger. The powertrain setup also gets an array of other upgrades including heat exchanger, new radiator, aluminum cooling tank as well as oil cooling. In addition, it features a Borla exhaust system that has long tube headers. Shelby has also added a single-piece drive shaft, Shelby fuel pick up system, triple disk clutch, ATI vibration dampener, high capacity oil pan and oil recovery system. The engine is paired with a newly designed manual gearbox that features an upgraded short throw shifter and modified cooling parts.

Details about the model’s actual power output are yet to be released but considering its axles can handle 1500 hp, it means the Shelby 1000 is capable of as much as 1500 hp (the last Shelby 1000 had a rating of 1,200 hp but was powered by a 5.8 L, mill). As far as acceleration is concerned, expect the 1000 to need under 2.5 seconds to have its speedometer reading 60 mph.

In addition to the engine upgrades, the Shelby 1000 also features several chassis modifications; the front spindle, as well as control arms, has been modified while the rear gets new control arms; there is also a flexible sway bar link, caster camber plates, Ford Performance half shafts and sway bars, frame strengthening and Penske adjustable springs and shocks.

There is also an engine cap and CSM badging on the engine.

Price and release date

Unlike the first and second generations of the Shelby 1000, the new package is not street legal.  Shelby did not want to pursue stringent emission compliance with EPA for the street-legal model making the new Shelby 1000 a pure track monster. The beast will be very rare with only 50 units scheduled for production every year. To get the Shelby 1000 treatment on your Mustang GT, you have to fork out $169,995, adding the price of the base Mustang GT ($35,095) shoots the price of the Shelby 1000 to a minimum of $205,090. Production will start in the first quarter of 2018.


In terms of competition for the 2018 Shelby 1000, I can only think of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and the Hennessey Camaro ZL1 “The Exorcist”.

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