2019 Ford GT Carbon

It fashionable, powerful and now, it has just gotten lighter; I am referring to the Ford GT, one of the most popular supercars in the globe. Ford has made some extensive weight-saving measures to enhance the nimbleness of the car on the track; the new car dubbed 2019 Ford GT Carbon Edition is about 40 pounds lighter than regular GTs. The less weight is largely due to the extensive application of carbon-fiber on most body parts.

2019 Ford GT Carbon

2019 Ford GT Carbon Exterior

In terms of looks, the 2019 Ford GT Carbon is identical to regular Ford GTs; it has the same body panels and features. The model however stands out from others due to its numerous carbon-fiber elements and unique accent colors. There is exposed carbon-fiber on the A-pillars, the wheels, the splitter, side skirts as well as on the rear diffuser. However, titanium is used for the exhaust and lug nuts.

That’s not all, the Carbon Series dual stripes also have a carbon-fiber accent; the stripes run from the front hood all the way to therear wing. To make the model stand out even more, Ford offers an accent package that features an accent stripe that separates the duo carbon-fiber finished stripes and matching accent calipers and mirror caps. The accent package is available in orange, silver, blue, or red colors.

Unlike the regular Ford GTs, the Carbon series has a polycarbonate engine cover. The model also has extra venting on either side of the window like normal racecars.

2019 Ford GT Carbon


The carbon-fiber party extends to the cabin where Ford features lightweight composite on the center console, on door sills, and on the area in front and below the instrument cluster. The Carbon Series also has a new seats design that features silver stitching that stretches to the head rests. Similar stitching is featured on the model’s sports steering wheel and on its anodized paddle shifters. A unique badge is fixed on the dashboard to set the car apart from its siblings. Weight saving measures do not end there; Ford has also thrown out all cup-holders and the storage bin on the driver’s side.

Surprisingly, the automaker has retained the airconditioning system, SYNC 3 infotainment system as well as the radio. It is surprising because these are the first things automakers do away with to save weight but Ford has opted to retain them but go an extra mile to save weight via using carbon-fiber on most of the car’s body parts. The reason for retaining the stereo, infotainment system and the air-conditioning system according to Fordis to ensure drivers drive the Carbon Series in comfort.

Engine and performance

The“juice” comes from the same twin turbocharged, 3.5 L, V-6 mill. The engine is good for 647 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. This power-plant enables the 2019 Ford GT Carbon to reach 60 mph in only 2.8 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 216 mph which is on the same level with most supercars.

2019 Ford GT Carbon

Price and release date

Ford has not put a price on the GT Carbon but as you would expect, the beast will be much more expensive than the regular GTs, which have a starting, price of $450,000. Expect over $500,000 for the model. Ford Motors is yet to reveal the number of models that will be produced; however, the automaker revealed that it takes one week to build one model meaning production may be limited to about 50 units/year.

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