FORD’S new cradle that simulates a ride – Max Motor Dreams

Ordinarily, you would think that Ford is simply limited to producing cars and heavy vehicles. Well, that notion and perspective are completely wrong and news about the impending release of their newly developed infant crib further shows their versatility and dexterity.

Max Motor Dreams

They are calling it the “Max Motor Dreams”, a design which is engineered to produce a similar scenario that surrounds a baby’s sleep experience during a pleasant night ride in the family’s car. This innovation is supposed to make babies sleep faster and longer without needing attention from the mother from time to time. This is awesome news especially for mothers with babies that keep them awake and exhausted always.

Max Motor Dreams is the product of a collaboration between Ford company and Alejandro Lopez Bravo of Espada y Santa Cruz ( A Spanish creative studio). A collaboration which became necessary after researches were conducted on the struggle that parents especially new ones face whenever they want to get their babies to sleep. For some, getting a good night sleep without an interference coming from the baby is worth more than gold and a million dollars combined. Of course taking a nice evening ride around the neighborhood will most likely do the trick, but the poor parents still have to endure the torture of having to stay awake all through the ride. The creation of the Max Motor Dreams which is a baby crib with an award winning design should help give parents the much-needed relief.

It is designed to simulate every possible scenario that occurs while a baby sleeps in the car during a nice night ride. These would include sounds, unique car motions, LED lights to replicate passing street lights, cool engine noise and nice rocking motion that will surely put any baby to sleep. According to Ward Auto, all of these features will be embedded in all the new baby crib design, the Max Motor Dreams. Parents can now simulate a car ride experience for their babies right there in the comfort of their living room without having to go through the stress of rocking the baby or even taking an unwanted evening car ride. This, of course, means less sleepless nights for parents especially the new ones and more “ME” and “US” time.

The quest to provide infants with a comfortable sleeping period and rest for the parents has been on for a while now. This has led to several innovations and baby crib designs to help bridge the gap and add a little ease to parenting. One of such design was the Snoo Smart Sleeper. It mimics the sounds a baby hears in the mother’s wombs and also protects the baby from rolling over into dangerous positions. The inbuilt microphone enables parents to monitor the child even if they are a room away. The slow rocking motion is an added incentive that ensures that the baby stays asleep. Snoo Smart Sleeper worked well for newly born babies but didn’t prove potent enough when the baby starts to grow some few weeks old.

The Max Motor Dreams by Ford is designed to work differently by simulating the condition that puts almost every baby to sleep; a nice and cool evening car ride. This new baby crib is a right step in the right direction and should help reduce the sleepless nights that parents have to put up with most times because of their baby’s inability to find sleep quickly.

Max Motor Dreams

If you are thinking of getting a Max Motor Dreams for yourself as soon as possible, you will have to wait a little while longer. At the moment, Ford’s new baby crib is a one-off pilot. However, indications suggest that the company may commence full-scale production if the demand for the crib is substantial and can equal the supply. It may not be too long before you can stroll into your favorite mall and purchase your own Max Motor Dream exclusively designed for your baby.

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