2016 Steeda Ford Mustang Police Interceptor


Street chase makes enjoyable scenes in the movies but in real sense it is not. Arresting criminals is a serious business aimed at keeping the streets safe and as such should end quickly and as safely as possible.

But come to think of it, what would you do if you are a patrol officer with either the Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle or Ford Crown Victoria and a suspect zooms past you with a Chevrolet Camaro, a Lamborghini Aventador or even a Dodge Hellcat Challenger on the open road?

Actually, by the time you start the engine, they will be miles away. But criminals are criminals and have to be dealt with. To do so and in style, you bring in the Steeda Ford Mustang Interceptor to the game. Steeda is offering a police package which packs a whopping 777 hp meaning it can chase almost everything on the American roads.

The vehicle has a quick acceleration, excellent braking ability and exceptional handling capability. For over 20 years, Steeda has been involved in building marked and unmarked vehicles for government agencies and has proven itself in integrating required components to ensure the vehicles exceed agency requirements. According to Steeda’s president of Autosports Dario Orlando, the new vehicles have been tested and proven to handle everything thrown to them without leaving anything to chance.


What Steeda Brings on Board

The 2016 Steeda Ford Mustang Police Interceptor will be offered in two packages which are the Steeda Mustang Q500 and Q750.  It is worthy to note that the Ford Mustang GT in itself is a strong car with an impressive performance.

The Steeda Ford Mustang Police Interceptor Q500 Engine

The Q500 comes with a cat black exhaust system, a cold air intake set up and a performance engine tuned to deliver 490 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque. The outside also gets a modified fascia to allow a good flow of air to the engine.

In addition to standard Ford GT specs, the Q500 adds various features tailor-made to ensure it handles its rigorous and aggressive job excellently. They include front and rear sway bars mounts made of aluminum. The sway bars also feature welded solid billet ends.

Other features are performance wheel alignment, camber plates, bump steer kit, IRS sub-frame alignment and bushing support as well as vertical links made of billet aluminum. These features result in one of the best to handle Mustang GT’s benefiting officers in running down criminals.


2016 Steeda Ford Mustang Police Interceptor Q750 Engine

However, when the big boys come calling on the streets with some of the world’s fastest cars, a patrol officer needs a matching machine and that is where the Steeda Q750 Police Interceptor Package comes in. in addition to the Q500’s engine, the Q750 adds a Whipple 2.9 L supercharger that pumps output to 777 hp and 655 lb-ft of torque taking the American muscle to a whole new level.

At this level the Q750 beats the Dodge Hellcat Challenger pants down with 70 horses and 51 lb-ft of toque more. There are no details on its top speed yet but with this power, the Q750 should be capable of keeping up with the Hellcat the very least.

Both vehicles will be availed in marked and unmarked bodies. However, both body styles retain the same capabilities. Though, not many departments will acquire them, they might be the only solution to chasing after fast cars.

I know this is wrong to say but I can’t wait to particularly see the new marked Steeda Q750 in action against the likes of the Hellcat or Lamborghini live on the 7 o’clock news.

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