2016 Ford Crown Victoria Rumors

Originally launched in 1991, the Ford Crown Victoria was mainly synonymous with the police though the model was also offered for civilians. It is the car that police mainly used for pursuit and patrol. The vehicle was pulled off the market in 2011 after the US government demanded that all new cars should feature stability control. Ford failed to meet the regulation and thus had to pull out of the market.

Recently, there are rumors going around of a possible comeback as a 2016 model. If the rumors do materialize then we should expect a car with minimal similarities with the predecessor, maybe serve a similar purpose. The vehicle will most likely be built on the platform used on the Taurus and could also borrow most of its features from Taurus.

2016 Ford Crown Victoria Exterior

The automaker has not confirmed or denied rumors of a possible release of this vehicle. As of this writing, no official specs have been revealed. However, we believe that Ford will utilize strong, quality and durable materials in making the body of this vehicle. This is because if they want to target the authorities again, the car has to be strong enough to excel in stressful situations.

Despite the materials used, the vehicle will retain good performance levels to make the cut as a chase or patrol car. The vehicle will likely feature a longer wheel base, LED headlights and taillights as well as fog lights and daytime running lights. The body might also be slightly smaller than the predecessor, more aerodynamic and of course lighter for improved fuel economy.


2016 Ford Crown Interior

If the 2016 Ford Crown Victoria meets the light of the day, we expect it to have an interior that is just basic. The automaker usually compromises on technicalities to make the car affordable. Therefore, the vehicle dos not usually utilize the best materials in its upholstery and other interior styling cues. The interior features basic materials and features that are useful and reliable.

To keep up with modern times, we expect the automaker to hook up the car with modern technology features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Smartphone connectivity. It will also feature a nice audio system. Since it will also be offered to civilians, the car will have plenty of passenger space and ample cargo space. It will also come with various driving aides and safety features; stability control is a must.


Engine Specs and Performance

According to rumors, Ford will feature various engine options to give users a wide variety based on fuel economy and power. The standard engine will be a 3.5 L EcoBoost V-6 engine.  Due to the use of lightweight materials in its body and improved aerodynamics, the 2016 Ford Crown will be able to deliver estimated EPA fuel economy ratings of 32 mpg on highway drive.

There might be other engine variants offering a good combination of power and fuel economy. Among those engines, a V-8 power-train is very likely. All these engines will most likely be mated with a six-speed automatic transmission system. The vehicle will be offered in 4-wheel drive mode as well as front wheel drive mode.


Price and release date

All we have until now are just rumors and unconfirmed reports with Ford yet to confirm its production leave alone release the Crown’s official details. According to these rumors, the base model will cost around $ 30,000. We believe a release date in the first half of 2016 is likely. Be sure to visit here again to get an updated report of this “cop” chase car.


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