2017 Shelby F-150 Super snake

Most people associate the name Shelby with tuned Mustangs and Cobras. However, the legendary tuning house also does soup up Ford’s most famous trucks including the 2017 Shelby F-150 Super snake. In a recent event, Shelby released a “souped” up version of the Ford F-150 all dressed up in Shelby’s signature blue paintwork with contrasting stripes. This is good news for truck enthusiasts who crave for a performance-oriented pickup that they can drive every day in town streets as opposed to the mean looking models suitable for the off-roads.  These enthusiasts will particularly be happy as they had earlier felt left out when Ford released the other “souped” up version of the F-150. I am talking about the  2017 F-150 Black Ops, an upscale performance-oriented truck for off-road excursions. The model’s name pays tribute to the members of the U.S. armed forces who sacrifice their lives to fight for the freedom we enjoy as a country.

2017 Shelby F-150 Super Snake Exterior

Straightaway, looking at the 2017 Shelby F-150 Super snake you can tell this is not an ordinary F-150.  Shelby has hooked it up with its traditional dual racing stripes that seem to cut the vehicle into two. There is also another stripe that stretches across the bottom part of the doors on either side. The truck also wears a Shelby as well as a Super Snake badge on the grille, engine hood, doors, tailgate and bedside panels.

2017 Shelby F-150 Super snake

The badging is Shelby’s way of ensuring no one mistakes your $100,000 truck for a regular F-150.

The grille, hood, side sills and rear bumper have been customized for the Super Snake.

The model rides on a set of chrome 22-inch Shelby alloy wheels wrapped in 305/45 performance tires for enhanced grip.  Other features include SHELBY Step Bars and painted vents and fender flares.

The model is offered in 6 factory colors to choose from.


The cabin is a “serpent’s” playground. One thing is sure; you will not mistake this model for a regular Ford truck’s cabin.  Shelby has featured its snake logos almost on all surfaces.  To start with, the model has a SHELBY CSM Serial Numbering on the dash. The center console lid carries a SHELBY Snake Badge. SHELBY Snakes are also embroidered on the headrests while the floor mats have SHELBY lettering.

The windows are deep tinted to provide your passengers with privacy from the staring eyes of onlookers as you navigate your serpent through the crowded streets.

In addition to these Shelby custom features, the model retains all the amazing convenience, comfort and practicability we are accustomed to in all F-150 trucks.

Engine and performance

Under the hood is where the model takes a huge leap from the regular F-150. The pickup truck carries a 5.0 L, V-8 mill with a supercharger. The engine produces 750 hp. Buyers can choose RWD or AWD. Shelby did not reveal the truck’s performance figures but due to the power, the truck will certainly be much quicker than its regular version. The engine is enhanced with a high-performance intake, new fuel injectors and a billet throttle body. Other performance equipment includes a carbon-fiber intake tube and a heat exchanger.

Its suspension, on the other hand, has been tuned for better handling and more balanced ride. The suspension system lowers the ride height and helps to sharpen the truck’s responsiveness. The engine is also combined with a dual Borla exhaust system that has polished tips. The system produces a sound that is sure to intimidate other road users.

Price and release date

To own this serpent, you will have to spend $96,880, adding extra options will easily see you part with over $100,000. Remember the entry-level RWD F-150 has a starting price of only $27,110 meaning almost $70,000 is for the performance extras. The price comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. There will be just 150 of the “serpents” so you better make your order now if you want to be considered. Deliveries will start in the second half of this year.

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