2018 Lincoln Navigator

The stiff competition in the auto market right now may probably not allow many people to remember the fact that the Lincoln Navigator was actually the first in the line large SUVs. Unfortunately, the spotlight was stolen from them smarter brands such as the Escalade, Cadillac and Ford. The subsequent models of Lincoln SUVs also didn’t do so well in the quest to get the 2018 Lincoln Navigator back to the top where it belongs.

However, things are about to get a little interesting with the soon to be released 2018 Lincoln Navigator. The company is set to reclaim its place right at the top of the SUV chain and this new and improved light-weight SUV may be capable of doing just that. The new Lincoln follows the new aluminum body trend and claims to have reduced the weight by a staggering 200 pounds while retaining the usual large body the Lincoln Navigator normally has.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

2018 Lincoln Navigator Interior

A lot has been thrown into the design of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator’s interior, rest assured this model seeks to create a paradise right inside the SUV. The interior is carved out to eliminate the noise of sound that may be coming from the outside and thanks to the proposed new animated windows and noise cancellation system, we are about to experience a taste of what a serene interior of an SUV should really be like. Several other segments of the vehicle such as the heating and cooling system and tires are also structured to keep noise out of the robust SUV. The 20 speaker system packed into the interior should be more than capable of keeping the unwanted sound that may still find their way in, out.

Comfort is greatly improved in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator thanks to the exquisite French-stitched leather seat that are found in all the rows. At the forefront, 30-way power seats with memory settings are just perfect for the individual and the massage function. The second row offers more flexibility and controlled climate. The seats can be tilted and slide to create room even if a baby seat is installed to make the third row. Legroom is further enhanced in each row Lincoln Navigator retains its position as the best provider of legroom in the third and second row. Each seat in the 3 rows is fortified with 2 USB ports, one 12 volt port which includes the one embedded in the cargo area. An 110-volt outlet can also found in the second. The unique sunroof placed at the top of the car ensures that passengers enjoy the feeling of the sun on their face.

For entertainment, the 2018 Navigator accepts inputs from your phone through Bluetooth and USB. Apple Carplay and Android auto are also supported bring you to a whole new world of car and device synchronization. People on the second row can be in a world of their own if they so choose. They get an optional control on audio and also have large 10.0-inch screen fitted right to the back of the headrest of the front seat. The screens can be fed from several sources such as HDMI SD, wireless connection from the smartphone, 2.5 amp USB quick-charging ports. Each screen operates independently and streams different contents at the same time.

The 2018 Navigator has got an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot which you can use if you prefer to stream contents online. The highly computerized interior and 3D camera system give the driver a slight edge in terms of knowing what’s going on in and around the vehicle.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Exterior

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator, is built on the exterior with a new aluminum body that is designed to help reduce the weight of the vehicle by as much as 200 pounds. The new design is similar to those of the Navigator design unveiled in New York some time back, display the intricate chrome grill and the turbine-styled wheels. It is easy to see the Lincoln emblem because it glows as it approached and also forms a part of the multistage welcome design that illuminates bulbs in the taillights, lower fascia, and puddle light.

Based on the vehicle speed, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator’s adaptive headlights displays lights with varying patterns- a large beam of light at low speed and narrow beam at high speed. The rear trunk is large as a result of the nature of the Lincoln Navigator which gives more room and towing needs.

Engine Specs

The 2018 Navigator should retain the newly adopted direct-injected, turbocharged 3.5Litre V6 engine configuration from all indications. The revised V-6 engine has the capacity to up 450 horsepower (starting from 380 upwards), and a 500lb-ft of torque. This proposes much power and that is to be expected from the 2018 Navigator as it steps up the competition in the SUV auto-market.

Adoption of the engine was influenced by the power generated and the fuel economy capacity. The output of this magnificent engine is channeled through a 10 speed automatic and rear or sometimes all-wheel drive.

Price and release date

Based on all the new inputs and adjustments that the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is expected to carry, the price should be well within the range of the $64, 000 old price and climb significantly up to $74,000 which the price of most competing SUV brands such as the Cadillac. According to reports, the 2018 Navigator is set to be released later this year, so be on the lookout.

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