Autodromo Ford GT Watch

There are thousands of Ford GT enthusiasts all over the world; however, not many get the chance to own an actual GT even if they can afford it while most enthusiasts cannot actually afford one. However, all is not lost as Ford has provided enthusiasts a chance to own some Ford GT memorabilia at an affordable price. The American automaker has partnered with Autodromo, a watch-making company that produces automotive-themed chronographs to make watches inspired by the current GT and the legendary GT40 that conquered the 24 Hours of Le Mans. There are two series of watches, the first is dubbed Autodromo Ford GT “Owner’s Edition” and will be limited to GT owners while the second series is christened “Autodromo Ford GT Watch Endurance Chronograph” which is inspired by the automaker’s success at the Le Mans endurance races. The latter will be available for all GT fans.

Owner’s Edition Autodromo Ford GT Watches

This watch is inspired by the current Ford GT. The Autodromo Ford GT Watch features direct references to the car. The watch has Swiss automatic flyback movements, ceramic and stainless steel casing and is available in different colors to match the each buyer’s car. The watch also has sapphire crystal hands and dial. That’s not all; each watch is uniquely numbered to align with the serial code of the buyer’s actual Ford GT supercar.

Ford GT Endurance watches

Autodromo drew inspiration for this watch from Ford’s conquest at Le Mans. There are five distinct designs offered with three of the designs based on the cars that won at Le Mans. The watch uses a mecha-quartz system similar to that of Seiko VK Edition. It comes in a 4-component stainless steel casing construction.

Of the five variations, the most outstanding variations are the Heritage units i.e. the Heritage ’66 and ’67. These two pay homage to the GT’s legendary wins at 24 Hours of Le Mans first in 1966 and again in 1967. The Heritage ’66 flaunts the black and silver color combinations of the vehicle that made history by becoming the first Ford model to win a race at the 24 Hour of Le Mans. It also features gold accents derived from the gold-painted wheels of the winning car. The Heritage ’67 on its part pays homage to the GT40 that won in 1967. The watch features a red dial and a white C-stripe at the center.  There is also a white and blue one to honor the GT that won in 2016. There is also a blue one with red as well as white hands that pays homage to French and American flags and finally the simplest of them all, a blue one with white stripes.

Enthusiasts can already order their GT Endurance watches; each carries a $695 price tag. The Autodromo Ford GT Owners Edition units, on the other hand, will be available next spring; pricing of the watches has not been released but expect them to be more expensive.

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